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Develop TN-321 Rainbow Kit (CMYK)

Develop TN-321 Rainbow Kit (CMYK)


Suitable for Ineo+ 224e and Ineo+ 284e |

OEM Codes: A33K1D0, TN-321K, A33K4D0, TN-321C, A33K3D0, TN-321M, A33K2D0, TN-321Y | Capacity: 25,000

Additional information


A33K1D0, A33K2D0, A33K3D0, A33K4D0, TN-321C, TN-321K, TN-321M, TN-321Y


Black (K), Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y)



Compatible Printers

Ineo+ 224e, Ineo+ 284e

Number prints

25000 Prints




2 Years

Product type

Toner cartridges


The Develop TN-321 Rainbow Kit (CMYK) is an original quality rainbow kit set suitable for the Ineo+ 224e and Ineo+ 284e. With a page yield of 25,000 pages, this toner cartridge guarantees a long-lasting and reliable printing experience.

Our toner cartridges are manufactured locally with high-quality toner from Japan. The quality of this toner is equivalent to that of the original manufacturers and even better than many house brands currently available on the market.

We are proud to use this premium toner, which ensures sharp prints and consistent performance. Our local production also allows us to deliver quickly and reduce the carbon footprint by minimizing transportation.

Our dedicated team is ready to meet all your toner needs with the guarantee of excellent quality and reliability. We strive to offer the best cartridges on the market so that you can enjoy optimal printing results.