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Recycling at Printercompany

By using our high-quality refillable toner cartridges, you contribute to CO2 reduction as we reuse reusable parts. This contributes to an environmentally responsible way of doing business without compromising on the quality of printing. Printercompany attaches great importance to quality when choosing reusable toner cartridges, before we proceed to refill a toner cartridge is first extensively checked for defects.

Environmental benefits when refilling toner cartridges

Reduction of environmental impact

Reusing toner cartridges significantly reduces the environmental impact of toner, as one cartridge can be used multiple times and often still contains a significant amount of toner.

Prevention of waste

Refilling toner cartridges prevents them from ending up in landfills, where they would take hundreds to thousands of years to degrade. This helps reduce waste and the burden on landfills.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

About four liters of petroleum are consumed during the manufacture of a cartridge, equivalent to the emission of 10 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere. Thus, refilling a cartridge results in savings of about 7.3 liters of fuel and 10 kg of CO2 emissions.

Saving of raw materials

Toner cartridges consist mainly of plastic, a magnet and small amounts of other materials such as steel and aluminum. Refilling cartridges reduces the need for new cartridges and the production of new plastic. Energy savings: Producing the plastic in each cartridge requires about 3.3 liters of oil. By refilling cartridges, the need for new cartridges is reduced and with it the energy required to produce new plastic.