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Toner Cartridge Recycling

Toner Cartridge Recycling

In the past, the quality of compatible and refilled toner cartridges was sometimes not optimal, especially models from
China left much to be desired compared to original cartridges. Since then, Printercompany has been working to find the best alternative to original toner from OEMs (original equipment manufacturer).

When choosing a good toner cartridge, there are two important aspects to consider:

  1. The toner cartridge
  2. Quality toner powder

The toner cartridge

At Printercompany, we use only original cartridges that are refilled. Among other things, these cartridges are obtained an organization that works with various charitable foundations such as Opkikker and Cliniclowns. This not only allows us to guarantee that the quality of the cartridge is impeccable, but we also do our part to support these charities.

Quality toner powder

In addition, when we refill our cartridges, we only use toner powder from reputable Japanese manufacturers who are also based in Europe. These manufacturers certify their toner specifically for each brand and type of printer. Moreover, toner powders are delivered from stocks stored in the Netherlands and Germany, which not only saves transportation costs but is also better for the environment.

Our production process

At Printercompany, we work with two types of toner: single component toner and two component toner. Single component toner uses a chemical component to make the toner particles magnetic. This toner is mainly used in smaller printers, especially A4 size. On the other hand, two-component toner uses highly magnetic iron powder, also known as carrier. Along with the developer in the printer, the toner particles are made static. This technology is mainly used in larger office and production printers because there is much less toner loss during the electrostatic printing process. Moreover, these printers often have a much smaller wastoner tank.

Thanks to our expertise and the use of high-quality toner, we can provide an equivalent or even better product than the original cartridges. Our products are supplied to end users and dealers of printers. We also produce toner cartridges for OEMs, who are increasingly choosing to have toners produced locally at companies such as Printercompany.

When considering the choice between compatible toner and original toner, Printercompany offers an excellent alternative that combines quality, reliability and durability. Discover the benefits of our products and make the right choice for your printer needs

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