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Types of Toner Cartridges

Types of Toner Cartridges

When it comes to toner cartridges, there are several varieties to choose from, each with their own unique features. Here we describe the three most common types of toner cartridges:

1. Toner cartridge with a Spindle

2. Toner Cartridges Combined with a Drum

3. Toner cartridges without a Spindle but with a Roll Profile

Toner cartridge with a Spindle

Toner cartridges with a spindle are often used in printers that work with single component toner. This is essential because the toner is chemically magnetic and there is a chance that it will clump in the cartridge. The spindle is driven by a gear inside the printer. In the case of printers with a two-component toner, the spindle is used to mix the carrier. The carrier is a very fine iron powder that acts as a catalyst to make the toner in the printer magnetic along with the developer. This activates the electrostatic process, causing the toner particles to adhere to the paper. Depending on the type or brand of printer, the toner may be positively charged and the paper negatively charged.

Toner Cartridges Combined with a Drum

In most printers, the toner and drum are separate parts. The drum usually lasts about three to four toner refills. The drum causes the image or text to be projected and applied to the paper via laser or LED. The drum is part of the electrostatic process.

There are also toner cartridges that combine a drum with the toner. These cartridges are even less environmentally friendly than cartridges that are not reused. When empty, the drum can still easily last for three toner refills before being discarded. These combination cartridges not only put a significant burden on the environment, but also result in a high cost per page. Printer Company does not supply such toners because we focus on sustainability and eco-friendly solutions.

Toner cartridges without a Spindle but with a Roll Profile

Toner cartridges without a spindle are often used in large to very large production printers. Continuous rotation keeps the toner well mixed and allows it to be processed at very high speeds. This makes it ideal for printing environments where speed and efficiency are paramount.

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